Friday, December 9, 2011

For the want of warmth and longer days . . .

While I truly enjoy the holidays, the decorating, the cooking and yes, even the gift giving I felt a sudden need for warmth and longer days.  It's beginning to get seasonably cold in New England, burrr.

 I did not post about this past Labor Day weekend, so when I was looking at my photos a smile came to my face.

 It was a lovely weekend, shared with great friends.  Susan at  From Beyond My Kitchen Window and her devilishly handsome husband joined us for our annual Fort Williams State Park Labor Day Art Show in Maine.

We had a light luncheon of tomato pie before we began our excursion.

A beautiful prize winner!

In all the years I've been going to this art show, the weather has NEVER failed us!  

 We finished out the day with lobster rubens and blueberry pie back at the cottage.

Happy Weekend!


  1. Happy weekend to you, too. Yours is looking much warmer than ours. Frost everywhere today.

  2. Ummm.. that would be your POST. Not your

  3. I feel fortunate to live in New England. Maybe it's because I grew up here but the New England weather, it's traditions, and history, make me tremendously happy. Wherever I've been in the world, I'm always grateful to come home. Actually, for years we've holidayed in Cape Cod and honestly, I've never loved our vacays more...


  4. Yum, lobster reubens? Never heard of them, but it sure sounds good. (Do you actually put sauerkraut on them?)

  5. This peek back at summer is just what the doctor ordered on this cold December day :)

  6. This reminds me - I have never posted pictures from our Majorca holiday back in September! These sunny photos could be quite nice to look at now, as we are approaching the longest night of the year.

  7. My feet are frozen .... I can't remember the warm weather!!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Hard to believe that it was so warm such a short time ago, Mary! This looks like a fun weekend. Very frosty & crisp & sunny here in OLD England! Sending love xo Rachel

  9. I am with you lets get this winter over with and on to spring. You know that makes the winter longer right?

  10. Wasn't it a wonderful day. I have thought about those Lobster Rubens more than once.Hey, we will have to make it an annual event. Don't you love how I just invited myself every Labor Day to your cottage.

  11. I'm sitting right beside the kitchen woodstove right now ... and your pictures of warmer sunny days is warming my front side as much as that fire is warming my ...

    Happy Weekend back at you, Mary!

  12. What wonderful artworks, and lobster ruebens? A perfect day!


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