About Me

Please join me at the ocean and the country.  We'll cook, bake, decorate, entertain, garden, sit around the fire-pit, drink some wine, laugh, maybe be get a little daring, but most of all we'll enjoy ourselves!

I'm married to my best friend and we have a four legged child, his name is Duke! I love spending time at the seashore and in the country.  I enjoy gardening, home renovations, and some crafts that I can't wait to get back into now that I'm finished my classes!   I have just completed my 2nd Masters degree!

My husband and I love spending as much time as we can in Maine, we love the beach, the ocean and the history of Maine. We have some fantastic friends in Maine that we enjoy spending time with and we love it when company comes to visit us!

There's nothing I love more than cooking dinner for our friends and family when they come to visit.  I'm a feeder, in other words I'm not happy unless I've fed my company, whether it be appetizers, dinner or dessert or all of the above!  I love having people around my dinner table and I love good, lively conversation with friends and family.