Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Other Self Challenge . . .

 I love rings!

Karen at This Old House 2 has created a very fun challenge, called "My Other Self" and I thought I'd participate.  Please join me in my escape from reality, if only for a moment!

My other self wears this kind of jewelry . . . 


I love vintage straw handbags and I'd carry one all the time if I could!  

My other self lives here with her (same) family!

Has beautiful gardens!

A great kitchen with all the bells and whistles!

Award Winning Kitchen Designs

A comfortable family room

A relaxing master suite

Looks like this in her khakis . . . 

Could wear these without breaking her neck!


Has her faithful 4 legged friend with her at all times

Drives this

Relaxes here

Does this for a living & makes good money!
(I really do this)

to give them a better life . . . 
(I really want this.)

What does YOUR Other Self look like?
Karen challenged you to do a similar post
Send Karen your blogpost link and she'l put it under her hot tub!
Go on, you can do it.


  1. Ha ha, really enjoyed your post! Well done for joining in - am I brave enough I wonder?

  2. What a fun post! I'll take that family room and kitchen any day!...oh and looking like that in khakis too:)

  3. Love it!!... love that HOUSE!...and kitchen!... and car!!..well done... Now convince Anna to join in...

  4. love the new header...and what a FUN post !!!!

    very cute

    happy to visit with you today
    hugs to duke :-)

    kary and teddy

  5. What a fun post! I love it! ♥ And since I'm a dreamer...I should do one, too! ♥

  6. Great idea, makes for a lot of fun for both poster (I bet!) and readers :-) Maye I'll nick the idea some time...

  7. what a great other self....oh, and can i live in that house on the beach with you and your family :)

  8. I love this idea! Just may have to give it a try ;)

    Thank you for stopping by and following! I'm enjoying your site!

  9. How fun! I think every single one of your other self choices could be my other self choices! :)

  10. This was so cute. I read it tonight on another friends...Your other self has it made!

  11. I had commented already but it disappeared thanks to blogspot's "maintenance"...

    Very good idea for some blogging fun! Maybe I'll pick up on that some time.

  12. I love the place by the beach. And wouldn't it be wonderful if teachers were compensated more? Seriously!

  13. Oh! I want to do this!
    Your dreams are great except that math part. Eww!
    So I'll do this soon and you can tell me which of my dreams to toss out LOL :)

  14. I'm sure I commented on how much I enjoyed this post, blogger was a bit weird yesterday I think.

  15. Your other self looks amazing in her skinny khakis. That is such a great idea, I'll head over to Karen's and check out the challenge.

  16. Yes, please, I do love tea and scones; enjoyed your post as well.


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