Monday, June 23, 2014

Chive Vinegar

After 1 week

So very simple, and so very delicious!

First, I have to thank my good friend Susan at From Beyond My Kitchen Window for this recipe.  I have made many batches of this vinegar.  I happen to have a lot of friends who like vinegar - who knew!

Just made

White distilled vinegar
12 -20 chive blossoms, snipped right beneath the head
Rinse the flower-heads

For a quart jar I add 20 chive blossoms
For a pint jar I add 12 chive blossom

Pour the vinegar over the blossoms leaving a little head room.  Secure the lid, and let it sit on your sunny window sill for two weeks.

After two weeks or one if you can't wait, your can remove the blossoms (they will loose color) 
pour the vinegar through a cheesecloth and then re-pour into a lovely decanter or add it back to your canning jar.

You'll notice a color change within a few hours!  

Potato salad
Macaroni salad
Bean salad - this is how I used it (or how ever you like to use vinegar)!

See the color difference
This make a great hostess gift, shower favor or a just because gift.  Enjoy!

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  1. How pretty. Now I wish my chives were blooming....

  2. Every year I say I'm going to make chive vinegar but it hasn't happened yet. Thanks for the reminder. :) Karen

  3. Super idea and so very pretty as well!

  4. Nice way to jazz up the vinegar, but I think out chives have already bloomed for this year.

  5. So nice of you to make the chive vinegar for your friends.
    It is certainly pretty, and I'll bet it makes a nice little addition of flavor to recipes.

    Thanks for sharing the method with us!!

    Have a great week.


  6. Does it change the flavor or just make it pretty? Hi to Susan!

    1. Hi Steve, it changes flavor! It takes on that mild onion flavor that you get from fresh chives. Also, chives are loaded with vitamin C and are really healthy to eat!

  7. I have some that I have never used! Made it a few summers ago. Does vinegar ever spoil?

    1. Hi Vee, vinegar has an almost indefinite shelf life! It takes balsamic vinegar from Modena 25 years to reach if full potential! So feel free to enjoy that lovely vinegar you made a few years ago!!! It's just a baby!

  8. Amazing! How easy and I bet it's great on potato salad. I will be looking for chives soon!

  9. I wish I would have thought if this before I clipped off all my chive blossoms. I did make this once a free years ago and simply forgot about it. Love the color it becomes!

  10. It must be delicious! I like different types of vinegar very much. Last year, RJ had his birthday party at my place, and one of his friends gave him a bottle of raspberry vinegar. He left it in my kitchen and I am not ashamed to say that I used it up nearly all myself - it was so good I could have drunk it straight from the bottle!

  11. I grew chives here last summer but a hailstorm killed them. They came back this year but did not bloom. Hopefully next year I can do this again!


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