Monday, October 8, 2012

And the Biggest Loser Is . . .

Me!  Yes, that's right, moi!  If you recall, I mentioned that I was thinking about entering a pie contest, well I did, and I lost!  Lost! Lost!  But that's OK (HA!), because I learned A LOT!!!  Being a teacher, there always has to be a lesson - right!

This contest was for charity.  You paid $5.00 for each set of pies, and you needed to bring 2 of each pie you entered.  One for the judges to sample, and one to sell.  So, I went out on a limb, and entered a pineapple cream pie, tomato pie, and my world famous blueberry pie.

Pineapple Cream Pie
However, when I got there, they didn't have my tomato pie on the list!!!  So it was disqualified before it was set down on the table.  They apologized, and I took a deep breath, and said "no problem."  In all fairness, it was the 1st time this shop had ever held a competition.  Out of the goodness of my heart, I left one tomato pie for them to sell, then we took the other one home and had a slice for breakfast!  LOL!!!

The grand prize was a $75.00 King Arthur gift certificate, and Emile Henry blue pie plate, and a blue ribbon.  Second prize was a $50.00 King Arthur gift certificate, a red ribbon, Emile Henry red pie plate.  Third prize was a $25.00 King Arthur gift certificate, a white ribbon, Emile Henry white pie plate.

Wild Maine Blueberry Pie
Later on in the day, we went back to find out the results.  What I found out was, that I didn't win a thing!  Well, that's not entirely true, I did win a consolation prize, a pie carrier!  I was told that my tomato pie was the best pie there!!!  LOL!!!

So, here's what I learned.  These ladies, and gentlemen who entered this contest were serious bakers!  Some of them enter contests throughout New England.  One woman drove up from New York, another from Cape Cod!  Some of them have all kinds of blue ribbons racked up!!!  Some of them are genuine bakers!  So, I wasn't up against the local kitchen cook, oh no, these were real competitive bakers!

Tomato Pie
I also learned that if I want to bake in the kitchen with the big kids, I need a training program - stat, so watch out, I'm competitive,  I don't like to loose, so bring on the contest next year because I'm in training!!!  I'm baking a pie a week!!!

Now, there's another chapter to this story, and it's a "hum-dinger" . . .  my darling husband was very excited about this competition for some reason, he told me I had to have my pies there on Saturday, and I said it was Sunday, this discussion went on for about 15 minutes - until we checked the website, which wasn't clear.

So, instead a leisurely Saturday baking, I stayed up until 4:00 a.m. baking, after working all day, and driving 2 hrs. to Maine!  So, I had been up a total of 23 hours.  I gained conscience briefly on Saturday morning to verify when the pies had to be there - yup, I was right, it was Sunday!  The only thing I did on Sunday was relax after dropping off my pies!  It's a good thing he's cute and I love him . . .

All, in all, I'm really happy that I entered.  It was for a good cause, I had fun, I loved the excitement surrounding the contest and I'm looking forward to making more pies!  

I'll post the recipes later.  To satisfy my own curiosity, please let me know which pies you are particularly interested in when you leave your comment.  Also, please let me know what your all time favorite pie is.  Thank you!

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  1. Your pies look certainly good enough to win something in a contest, although to my untrained eye the pineapple one looks "unfinished" in that the crust looks very light in colour, as if it had not been in the oven long enough; but, as I said, that is my untrained eye, expecting a pie crust to look darker, more a golden-brownish kind of colour.

    I think such contests should be held on fairer terms, for instance if it is a contest for local home cooking men and women, no professional bakers/cooks and people from further away should be allowed to enter.

    But, as you said, this was the first time they held that contest, and they will learn from their mistakes.

  2. All these pies are so beautiful!!
    The tiny pineapples are so cute!!
    Happy Monday

  3. Well I'm upset and indignant for you! That doesnt sound fair competition when proper bakers and folks from all over can enter!
    Sad thing is it may put off the local bakers who do it for the love of it, although I can tell it's just made you even more determined - go girl, you show those out-of-area bakers! After all you went through to get the pies there you wont forget this competition in a hurry - and well done to you for working all through the night to get 'em done.
    Seriously, your pies look delicious Mary, and maybe those judges have forgotten what a good homemade pie is. I would love to hear how you make the pineapple cream pie as that is not one we tend to have in the UK.
    My fav pie has to be a good old apple pie!
    Have a great week Mary!
    Gill xx

  4. I have another contest for you!! My husband and I have been judges for the American Pie Contest held in Orlando each April. In fact, I was so tempted to enter one year, but it became too overwhelming and I dropped out. But, there are those who become professional pie contest contestants. It can be fierce competition. But, I felt I could do just as well. Let me know if you want any details. My favorite pie...I guess I would pick coconut cream though raspberry is a close second. Susan

  5. Hi Mary! Not fair to have professional bakers against home ones, in my opinion! Yours look amazing I must say. I would love to have your Tomato Pie recips...and my favourite is Lemon Meringue, I think - but Apple Raspberry is a close second! Sending love on this rainy Monday xx

  6. Don't feel bad Mary. I've lost too and all you can do is laugh about it. I bet they were telling the truth about your tomato pie being the best.

    And as for husbands, I've learned after almost forty three years of marriage, they always know best :)

  7. oh I am so sad for you I can't imangine any one making pies better than you yours are so beautiful. I think your blueberry pie is so pretty.good luck I know you will win the next time.
    there is huge money in these bake offs that may have been a stepping stone to the next bake off.
    good luck

  8. Oh my! If your pies were "losers", the winners must have been humdingers!
    I'd love to cut into that blueberry pie right this minute. I'm intrigued by the tomato pie. I think my all-time favorite pie is lemon chess but there are many close seconds.

    Happy baking.


  9. Sorry you didn't win anything. They look like award winners to me. Do you remember which pies won? Are the judges partial to fruit pies or cream? Take every advantage Lol. Never heard of tomato pie before.

  10. Too bad about the tomato pie - I bet it was wicked good.

  11. Oh my gosh! Those pies look so wonderful! Making two of each was such a feat! I think you deserve a ribbon just for that level of perseverance! Ribbons for sheer beauty go to that gorgeous pineapple cream pie ... I am intrigued by your tomato pie and would love for you to blog that recipe! But your blueberry pie ... well, being a Yankee, that pie is near and dear to my heart ... and my belly! Yum-O! Blue ribbon for the blueberry!

  12. i entered a chili contest a few years ago. same thing...i was up against major chili contestants. i was a loser too but interestingly enough, i won peoples choice. so i lost the contest but it was the crowds favorite chili...go figure. cherry pie made from sour cherries is and always will be my favorite!

  13. They have to have been the most beautiful pies there! I'm sorry that you lost, but happy that you tried and learned a lot. Glad that you're not considering it a lose-lose situation. I'm most intrigued by the tomato pie because I've never tried that before.

  14. Oh my goodness, you poor thing, staying up all night to bake. But you get a blue ribbon for effort and dedication! Your pineapple pie looks amazing.
    I would love to know how you make your tomato pie!
    My most favorite pie is Pumpkin.

  15. this post makes me very hungry for pie ....

  16. I was thinking you were going to say your husband was encouraging you coz he figured there'd be a pie for him in there somehow. Wow, what a lesson to be learned. Who knew there would be such seriousness. Your pies look wonderful and I think the tomato one sounds interesting and looks great.

  17. They all look wonderful! I love pies, not crazy about meringue anything though! I would love to see how you make the all!
    Good for you getting your foot in the door! A pie a week, your lucky dh! Mine would be in heaven!
    I'll be looking to see your pies!

  18. I am your newest follower and I signed up for email so I know when you have a new post!

  19. You should have won, they look perfect to me! Must say the tomato pie looks pretty special! Keep baking!

  20. Pies aren't easy to make.. period. Good for you that you tried and are just going with the results, posting about it, and moving on :) Your pies look delicious to your readers so you win in our book!!

  21. You are a winner in my book! I'll be right over for a slice!

  22. Oh Mary, your pies ALL look scumptious! I'm sure you came very close to winning. I love blueberry pie and apple pie the best, but I'd love to have the recipe for your tomato pie.

  23. Wow, those are some serious bakers! You certainly did win a new respect for pie contests :) I hope you enter your tomato pie again after that comment.

  24. They all look absolutely delicious! I would love to have a slice of the tomato pie thank you. I love a really apple pie, but my all time favorite is coconut cream pie. Oh...I just love pie!

  25. I love to make pies...and your's are some of the prettiest pies I have ever laid eyes on! I bet they taste as good as they look too...Can you enlighten us in regards to your tomato pie? Thank you. Keep baking, perhaps enter a county fair, Fryeburg? My favorite pie is pumpkin, my secret ingredient, a pinch of black pepper. Have a lovely evening, Julie.

  26. I would consider yourself a winner! Especially for the 'disqualified' tomato pie! They all look delicious. It sounds like it was quite the competition.

    Thanks for visiting and following. I'm looking forward to following you too!

    Have a great day.

  27. Wow...that is tough!! You are a trooper! I have to admit that I've never had any of those pies...that's I live in Ky, remember, I don't know buy maybe things are different. My favorite hands-down is Chocolate meringue. Next would be Coconut meringue. I think yours are BEAUTIFUL and I hope you continue to compete!
    I took my senior to look at an Art Institute in Nashville the other day and as part of our tour we got to see the culinary students baking...girl, was that exciting! I almost signed up!
    I suppose I should take something to that party but she overdoes the food and there is always way too much.

  28. You will win next year! I know you will!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!

  29. I was a finalist in the Taste of Home/Branson Great American Pie contest and won a free trip to Branson, but my pie didn't win either. I learned a lot too, but have since decided that entering contests is just too time consuming. So I haven't really entered anything since then. Hope your hard work and dedication pay off for you.

  30. I would have been like you and assumed that it would be a friendly contest with "everyday home cooks." Kudos to you for taking on a challenge for next year's contest! I am really curious as to your tomato pie recipe. My favorite pie is pecan, although I've never made one" I ask for them on my birthdays! LOL Guess I had better start hinting now for next month. :-)

  31. What a shame it wasn't a friendly contest, still, never mind, I think your pies look just amazing and you have learned so much and also helped a charity! Love Karen

  32. I'm sorry it worked out that way, too but it sounds like you had the highest compliment paid to you and the BEST pie! I like a Southern pecan pie made with dark karo best...but I can't eat sugar any more so no pie for me! My hubby would love to live next door to you though! heehee! Hugs!

  33. Well, you know how upset I was when you didn't win. This was serious business for some of the bakers. If I know you , you will come out with guns shooting next year. My favorite pie happens to be your blueberry pie. No one makes it better in my opinion. Your a winner in my eyes Mary!!!! Oh, the pies were gorgeous.

  34. I think there should be two separate contests, one for the professionals and one for the home bakers. If they were able to list your other pies, your tomato pie should have been included. I have learned over the years to always make a copy of anything I give to other people so that I know I'm not losing my mind when they say it was never there. Good for you, for taking up the gauntlet. I look forward to next year's submissions. The one pie I can never turn down is lemon meringue pie, just in case you want to give it a go. Come visit when you can.

  35. Sorry you didn't win, but at least your illegal pie was the best one there! I have never heard of a tomato pie before and since I love tomatoes I'm going to have to check it out.

  36. My hat is off to you! No matetr what the outcome you joined the ranks of folks who have a passion for baking.

    Love it!


  37. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe you stayed up all night, you must have been shattered. At least you gave it a go, but disappointing that the other bakers where professional. Takes the fun out of it if you ask me.

  38. you're such a great baker. i want to taste that blueberry pie ;-) hay! i just wish I know how to cook.

    just me,

  39. What stellar work , and how delicious they all look.
    Your generous crusts are making me crazy!
    Peach pie, just plain ol peach pie.

  40. un pastel hermoso y exquisito me gustaría probar,hugs,hugs.

  41. Wow, I seem to have missed some if your posts recently. Sorry about that. Especially as this is a real humdinger! You know my history with local baking competitions and I say learn from this year and go back and whip their asses next year. Home baker or professional baker you know you have it in you to beat them. Just stick to what you do best. Don't change a thing!


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