Friday, June 6, 2014

Gratitude Pie

So, are you wondering what a "Gratitude Pie" is?  My pie is a mix of blueberry, blackberry and raspberry, and it's a pie that you bake and give away to your coworkers because they have so generously bought raffle tickets week after week since November for a good cause.  The good cause - was to raise funds for our 8th grade end of year activities.  Thanks to their generous support, we raised $1,014.00 for our students!

November - Election day bake sale, no school, but I dropped a pie off!

It started innocently enough - bake two pies and bring them in for a Thanksgiving raffle.  Who wouldn't be happy to have a home-made pie for Thanksgiving?

Then it was 3 more pies until Christmas (one a week) - gee, this money is starting to pile up!  Maybe I should bake one a month for special occassions.

January - Martin Luther King's Birthday
February - Super Bowl Sunday Apple Pie
February - President's Day & Valentine's Day - Cherry pie with white chocolate hearts
March - St. Patrick's Grasshopper pie
March - MCAS Pie (to cheer everyone up after the high stakes testing)
March - Family game night
April - Kentucky Derby
April -Easter Chocolate Cream pie with cocoanut crust
May - Mother's Day Apple Pie
May - Apple Pie for major school fundraiser
June - Gratitude Pie

Who knows, there may be one more in store, school's in session until the 18th!

Now, my question to you is this; do you think I should continue this for next year?  Or will people get bored buying raffle tickets for home made pies?


  1. That is pretty cool and great for the school! Go for it, it was a huge success and could be even better next year! I don't think people will ever tire of homemade pies, esp. when it's for a worthy cause! Congrats!

  2. Hi Miss Ocean Breezes,

    It's me - Prudence Clearwater, the teddy bear. I believe that the success of your pies speaks for itself, people ordered them. That, to me, says YES CONTINUE.

    The bear has spoken.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  3. They don't have to participate do they? Sounds as if it was wonderfully successful and you did all the really hard work!

  4. What a great idea! There are probably many people out there who have no idea about the taste of a homemade pie! Let me know if you need any ideas for different pies next year.:-)

  5. Great idea Mary. I say resoundingly continue.

  6. Personally, I would never get tired of homemade pie

  7. I think that is a GREAT idea...or your could switch to CAKE...That way you will collect so will have your cake and eat it, too! xo Diana

  8. How could anyone get tired of a homemade pie. I'd double what they've paid for a slice of one of your pies!!

  9. What a wonderful project! You are amazing. Bored? You think people would get bored? Uhhhh, I think they'd like two pies each month, to choose from! Yum yum yum

    Please check out my post today, if you have time. It's about a new blogger and she can use support. Thanks.

    Wish I were there to buy one of your pies. I'd pick raspberry! Susan

  10. Homemade pies are NOT the normal baking activity in American kitchens, which is why your pies have gotten such a wonderful response! They're beautifully made and full of real fruit and sweet ingredients. Such a massive step up from freezer pies! People will respond to that forever! The question is ... will you get tired of providing a pie a month? If you stay passionate, I'll bet the fundraiser will remain successful! Incidentally, I loves the different colored thank-yous on this latest pie! So clever!

  11. What a wonderful one ever gets tired of homemade pies.

  12. LOVE your blog! Your pies are lovely, and pie happens to be my favorite dessert. Thanks for stopping by my blog via Susan and I'll be keeping in touch! - Vickie

  13. p.s. on Sunday. Thanks so much for your visit to my blog. Always love when you stop by. Susan

  14. I vote for keeping the raffle for the homemade pie, especially since yours must be so good!!

  15. Brilliant, and delicious!!
    If I lived near you, I would be buying raffle tickets for a chance at one of your delicious looking {and tasting, I'm sure} pies :)

    Hope you have a happy day!!


  16. I think it's a great idea. Yes make the pies.


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