Sunday, January 19, 2014

Stunning Red & White Quilt

Hello dear friends!  Where does the time seem to go lately?  It seems like we were just celebrating Christmas & New Years, and now it's Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend and almost the end of January.  Soon February will be around the corner.

There has been lots going on!  I'm very busy at work.  As many of you know, I'm a teacher.  I'm also involved in an after school activity and a fund raiser.  In addition to that I also have another small side job that I've taken on at work.  Toss all that on to a new teacher evaluation system . . .

my contribution
There has also been some personal sadness.  My dear friend Susan at From Beyond My Kitchen Window lost her mom just before Thanksgiving.  I've known Mrs. D since I was a teen and I will miss her dearly.  My heart breaks for my friend's loss and sadness.

I've also had a dear friend from Maine who was diagnosed with uterine cancer.  Her surgery is this Thursday.  She will have to go through radiation and chemo - but her outlook is good.  My husband and another neighbor "Doc" are talking about shaving their heads when "A's" hair falls out.  She is a single woman with not much family or family near by, but she has a huge network of friends, both personal and professional who are lining up to help her get through this!  We will be doing everything we can when we are in Maine on weekends.  Please keep "A" in your prayers.  She's like a sister to me.

The quilt was made by my husband's cousin Merrie, isn't she talented.  For some reason, showing you the quilt and talking about everything that's been going on seems to fit - somehow.  It's comforting.

The back of the quilt with signature block
Merrie also included a hanger in the event that I want to hang the quilt on the wall.  I also love how the back came out, and the signature square she included.  Believe it or not, I did one of the lighthouses, as did my husband's cousin Clare!  It was a true family effort, although Merrie did 99% of it!  I hope to undertake a quilt on my own soon!

I told Merrie that I wanted a red & white quilt with Maine light houses.  I also suggested lobsters and crabs in the corners and sides.  I showed Merrie an inspiration quilt and she came up with the design.  Once I approved it, she began working on it!  The hand embroidered lobster & crab are part of the sides and corners, along with a sea shell!

I feel blessed, to have an abundance of family, good friends, good health, a great job and to know that I'm loved.

I'll try to be more diligent with my posts . . . despite everything friends, I wish you a blessed and very Happy New Year!


P.S. I'm not happy about my beloved N.E. Patriots losing tonight, but Denver did a good job.  Good luck Denver and Seattle in the Super Bowl!!!


  1. Hello Mary, I can see why you feel the quilt fits in so well with telling us about all that has been going on at your end. You truly are one busy woman!
    I am sorry for your friend having lost her mother, and for your other friend having to fight cancer.

    The quilt colours and patterns are so cheerful, just what is needed in the relatively glum month of January.

  2. Beautiful quilt...I love your contribution :-)

  3. I'm sure that gorgeous quilt is comforting you during this time. The minute I saw it I thought, how appropriate for a house in Maine. How nice that the docs in the neighborhood as going to show support the A. That's such a lovely gesture.

  4. So good to see you post the quilts are lovely. So sorry about Susan's loss I lost my mom 5 years ago and I think of her everyday no matter our age we always love our moms.

  5. That is beautiful Mary and so special and touching. Happy New Year to you. XO

  6. the quilt is fabulous. bummer about the patriots but denver payed one hell of a game. brady seemed to give up early. should be an interesting superbowl!

  7. It is a beautiful quilt. I have been so sad about Susan the whole year, (2013) she had such a hard year.
    I know she will miss her Mom and I think it is so nice you are both such good friends.
    Thank you for sharing. It is so nice you have so many wonderful people around you. I stll love that picture in your side bar of your pickles, every time I see that picture I want a dill pickle so bad. Have a wonderful week.

  8. The quilts are soooo beautiful. I love the red and white one. Thanks for telling us about Susan's loss. I'll go over to her blog to give my dearest condolences on her huge loss. Hope your new year is terrific, too. Susan

  9. I've always loved lighthouses and the color red, so your quilt made me so happy to see, mMary! It is beautiful! I am so sarry to hear about Susan's Mom and your friend's illness. We also had a sad beginning to the New Year as my son-in-law lost his second brother in a sudden heart attack on New Year's Day. The passing of two brothers in one year has now made my SIL proactive to check intro his own health and to diet and exercise.
    As you know, I was cheering for the Broncos to win! It's always fun when the home town goes to the Superbowl! Colorado will be wearing all orange that day! :)

  10. Hi lovely lady.
    This Quilt is so Beautiful I would love to have one just like it seeing I live on the Gulf Coast. I hope you are having a great day with your family and are keeping warm.

  11. Hi Mary, what a gorgeous quilt Merrie has made you both! I love the simplicity of the red and white, and the red work squares depicting coastal themes that make it so personal to you, you must be chuffed to bits with it!
    So sorry to hear of all the sadness your friends are experiencing. Your friendship and support must be a tremendous comfort to them.

  12. I love when people put embroidery work with a pieced block. The best of two worlds. Then being in all one color tone is beautiful!!!

    Sending healing vibes to all your peeps.

  13. The quilt is gorgeous and I look forward to seeing it in person when I come for my annual OOB visit this summer. Thank you for remembering my mother. She always asked for you and was interested in what was going on in your life. Prayers to A.

  14. Holding A and your other friend that lost her Mom in prayers. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for popping by my blog, Mary. For some reason you popped off my sidebar. I am restoring that right now while I remember to do it! xo Diana

  15. I love your quilt . . . red and whites are my favorites . . .
    add lighthouses and oh my . . . you have perfection !


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