Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Gardens . . .

Please pull up an Adirondack chair and relax, make sure you have your favorite beverage! I promised you that I'd give you some more information on one of my favorite stops in York, Maine - Stonewall Kitchen, if you haven't been to the store, or it's not possible for you to visit, you should take a "virtual" trip! Simply click on I think you'll enjoy your visit! I always do! Stonewall Kitchen has some beautiful gardens, so sit back and enjoy a brief tour of the gardens. It's such a nice place to stop, shop or relax and take a break, if I worked near Stonewall Kitchen I think I'd drive over there every day and just enjoy the grounds!

Decisions, decisions, which way shall I go . . .

lovely grasses along the paver walk way

If I go down here I can also see where the jams, jellies, and sauces are made . . . hmm

Love the windmill garden sculpture

a peek at a table with umbrella and a pergola in the background

If you look real close you can see a butterfly . . .

I love these large pots . . . I wish I had a place for them!

The front of the waterfall

The back of the waterfall, just lovely!

I hope you enjoyed this quick tour of these gardens. I have more garden photos and building photos, I'll save those for another post. Be on the lookout for the recipes later this week!!!

P.S. I just found this give-away on this blog that I thought you'd enjoy, please see link below.


  1. Just lovely! The grounds were not as pretty when I visited them in one of the worse cold snaps last winter. I believe I practically ran to the door. It might also have been from excitement,but what an amazing place for people who love to cook.

  2. I'm there, I'm there! Your meals below are killin' me! Yum X 2 :)

    Do you happen to remember a tale about a boy lost on a mountain? I know him :) If you grew up in Maine I'm sure you are saying YOU DO?!

  3. Thank you for your sweet note on my blog! I LOVE Stonewall Kitchen products (we sell them in our kitchen shop here on the Cape)! My latest favorite is a fig sauce I use as a BBQ sauce (I could drink it from the bottle)! lol My roots go back to Jefferson, Maine and also to Greenland, NH (I'm a fullbred New Englander - lol)!

  4. I just saw the name of your blog on Kat's blog and thought I'd hop over to say hello. I'm from the east coast so everytime I see pictures of New England I get so homesick. I am very familier with York, Maine and Stonewall Kitchen. Have a great holiday weekend.

  5. I have become a follower.
    I tried to do so earlier but it just wouldn't "take" so I came back now to try again and...success. My little icon has vanished so you will only see me in the generic silhouette. Thanks for reminding
    me to come back.

  6. HI there - thanks for stopping by blog and your comments on "Aunt Mary's" spotless kitchen :) I think everyone had an Aunt with a perfect, dust free, polished house and kitchen.

    I couldn't find your email to email you back - but I did sign up to follow your blog...and I look forward to hearing more from you!!!

  7. I love your photos of Stonewall Kitchen, we were there a few weeks ago. My DH and I love Maine and NH. We stayed in Ogunquit but visited all along the coast. Thank you for joining my blog. I love yours. Is your cottage in NH or Maine? Lucky you a cottage in one of the most beautiful spots ever.


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