Tuesday, May 27, 2014

White Iris

This stunning beauty took my breath away as I turned on to our side street.  This was the first time I've ever planted white iris's and I look forward to planting more of these beauties!  

What I've learned is that it takes its name from the Greek word for a rainbow, referring to the wide variety of flower colors found among the many species. There are between 260 & 300 species!

They just scream Spring to me!  How about you, what's your favorite spring and summer flower?  My favorite summer flower is the Casablanca lily!


  1. That is stunning! It must be such a bright spot in your spring garden, especially with all the green and rain.

  2. So pretty. Iris are old-fashioned and remind me of Provence where we saw so many in flower beds everywhere.

  3. It's really beautiful! My favorite flower of summer are daisies and Hydrangeas -- Spring has to be peonies, mine are just starting to open.

  4. Just beautiful I have the deep purple that are just budding.

  5. HOW beautiful!!!! I don't think I have ever seen a white iris before. It's gorgeous- xo Diana

  6. Stunning is the right word!
    I can't easily decide which is my favourite summer flower. They are all so beautiful, but I do have a thing for the "old-fashioned" ones you find in some gardens and parks. And I love roses, I am very traditional in that aspect. My favourite roses are those with a creamy tinge, some yellow ones have that, but also some of the apricot and pink ones.

  7. They are beautiful!
    For me its the bluebells that say Spring is here!
    Enjoy the flowers and the warmer weather!
    Gill xx

  8. Many years ago we had a white Iris and like yours it was stunning. Good shot of it.

  9. Wow. So beautiful!
    Bet it smells lovely too.

    Have a happy day.


  10. Love them! my blue mini iris have just opened

  11. My neighbor had one of the biggest Iris gardens in New England. She recently sold her house so I don't get to visit the garden anymore. I do love irises but my favorite summer flower is hydrangea.

  12. Kate Jasmines...for their beauty and their smell. Keep vases of them in the house.
    Stopping by from Arlynda Lea's Blog.
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  13. Roses are actually my favorite, though the iris is our state flower.


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