Monday, March 25, 2013

What a weekend!

We had lots of fun this weekend!  We had a surprise birthday party for my husband's cousin, she's 80, looks 60 something and is still sharp as a tack, funny & interesting!  Wow, was she surprised!

We met for lunch at a local and delicious seafood restaurant in Massachusetts and then went back to the birthday girls home for cake and catching up!

How the day started for me! Tea & warpaint!

both turning 80 next year & married 60 years!

The birthday girl & her 84 year old hubby of 58 years!

The birthday girls daughter, son-in-law & hubby

 She was thrilled beyond belief that relatives from Connecticut, Georgia, New Hampshire, Western Massachusetts came to celebrate her birthday!  She kept saying "I can't believe this."

Another cousin and her husband, married 45 years!

The delicious lemon birthday cake with raspberry filling & butter cream frosting!
All the numbers meant something special for the party girl!  And yes,
she enjoys going to bingo 2 nights a week!

Her great-niece just happened to be in the neighborhood - from Tennessee!

A 4th of July racing quilt in process!

The cousins!

A quick stop at a lake in Littleton, MA

A quick stop at a pond in Dunstable, MA

Pure love at the end of the day!

Then it was back to the birthday girls home on Sunday morning for delicious mushroom & spinach omelets!  The biggest meal I cooked this weekend was tea!!!  LOL!!!  Hmm, I could get used to that!


  1. I had the chance to meet up with my own cousins in November. It was very special. It looks like everyone had a wonderful celebration. Best wishes to the birthday girl. And congratulations to all the couples for the years of marriage. Each is an inspiration. Have a wonderful week. Bonnie

  2. It is lovely when a family honors the special events in its members lives! Looks as if you married into a great family and how fun to have a weekend when you didn't have to cook.

  3. what a wonderful group and how amazing they look.
    happy Birthday!

  4. wow what a fun and wonderful birthday the happy people still together and enjoying their life...

  5. /the birthday girl looks amazing! Wonder what her secret is! Looks like a wonderful family time.

  6. Talk about a full weekend. The cake sounds wonderful and I like the sentimentality of all the numbers. I love family get togethers and this one looked like a lot of fun.

  7. Oh that's wonderful for you all ! Wow you all look great ! Glad everyone had a wonderful time ! Lovely photos , have a good evening !

  8. This happy couple does not look eighty years old! This gives me a lot of hope! I know it had to be so special for them that the whole family came from near and far to celebrate. I am really loving that cake, too!

    Now you need to relax after your big weekend!


  9. A great weekend! And are you really sure all these people are around 80? Did you check their ID for proof? ;-) None of them look any older than 70!

  10. What a lovely post!!
    Have a nice day

  11. Oh the lovliest of posts showing family togetherness, including the furry sweet pup too . My pups took the post highlights this week.
    A fellow New Englander here, still waiting for Spring aren't we.
    Happy to have found you, I shall now check back often.

  12. what a wonderful birthday surprise!

  13. Wahoo! Don't you just love a good road trip? And to have family at the end of the trail and a party, to boot? Perfect weekend!

  14. Sounds like you all had a really happy and fun weekend! It's so nice to spend time with family from all over, very special.
    Love the cake!
    Have a good week.

  15. Such a great weekend! It's so important to stay connected with family:) looks like a good time was had by all!


  16. Looks like a busy but fun day ! Hope you have a nice day

  17. what a wonderful surprise celebration!!! came over from karen's place today to say hi!

  18. What a fun time for all of you!! My gosh, she absolutely does not look her age---it must be the bingo that keeps her young! That was great for you all to surprise her and the cake sounds delicious and Duke looks mighty cute and proud!

  19. Looks like a fun day filled with lots of love, yummy food, and family.

  20. What a fun weekend! Lots of happy smiling faces and the racing quilt is amazing! Happy Spring my friend!

  21. What a lovely weekend! I love my older relatives like crazy. I really cherish my elders, as they are the best company. I lost my 90-yo GM a year and a half ago, and I miss her terribly. I miss the stories, the advice, the humor. Thanks for sharing your weekend joy.

  22. It is so nice when a surprise birthday party comes off so well...great cake.

  23. What a great surprise! Lots of happy faces and you're right she does not look her age at all.

  24. What fun!And one of the relatives came from Tennessee to join in on it, great!

  25. What a wonderful surprise it must have been, and a birthday she'll never forget!
    Cute photo of Duke!
    Happy Easter Mary!
    Gill xx


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