Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Color Decisions . . .

This desk cost $2,950.00 and the chair cost $390.00.  Since my last name isn't Rockefeller or Trump I didn't buy these.  However I did buy a desk and matching chair for about $160.00 at a consignment store in Maine. These are in our cottage guest room.  Yup, it's hardwood and in perfect condition.  My dilemma is, what colors do I paint them?  Should I paint them the same colors or different colors.  

The room and all the furniture is being painted, so blog friends, what colors do you like?  You'll notice I've not given you white as an option. I'm not interested in white, the furniture in our bedroom is white.  I want color!

Beach House Furniture, Desks & Desk Chair

I also have a hardwood dresser, which was free from the estate of a family member and a 1920's hardwood bed that I bought at an auction for $20.00 in the same room, what about those? Should they be painted the same matchy colors or not?  
Beach House Furniture, Double Vanity
Or do you like the colors mixed up?  

Of all the colors here, what's your favorite pallet? 
Beach House Furniture, Fence Bed, Queen
To recap, I'm painting a desk, chair, bed, dresser, and night-stand in our cottage guest room and I can't decide on a color pallet. The walls, and trim  will be a shade of white. I'd love to hear your thoughts.  

Now for all your hard work pick a cocktail, relax and enjoy! You've earned it! I appreciate all your comments on helping me select colors.  The finished product won't be available for viewing until the end of the summer, but I will post about the pieces that I'm going to refinish in the near future!

Which cocktail color did you pick?  I know, more decisions!  LOL!!


  1. I'd go with that aqua color, a pale green and a nice "swedish" pink (think faded red)! I love the look of painted furniture!


    PS and thanks for the cocktail... I choose red :)

  2. I like the yellow's and green's! I love that color pallet!

    I will take all three cocktails thank you =)

  3. Well, since Prudence wants to write - here goes.....

    We all like that bright blue - such a pretty, happy color. Might look nice with a pale yellow.

    I am a teddy bear and I can't have a cocktail, but thank you. Is there any honey & peanut butter?


  4. I am starting with the yellow Cocktail. I would go for the yellow desk and the green chair; my humble opinion; good luck!

  5. How lovely the painted pieces will look with your white walls. So fun!I love both Russell and MacKenna and Maine Cottage furniture companys, where some of your inspiration photos seem to be from. Check out {mainecottage dot com} for the sample paint finishes in their online catalogs (pg 172-173), to see all the fun colours in one spot and then mix and match your favourites. There are lots of shades at Maine Cottage. I'm partial to the greens and shade of blues, a different one for each piece. There are such lovely shades just pick your favourites: porch, wave, bluebell, hot lime, sprout, and add in from the red/yellow/pink choices. They all go together quite well, it just depends on what are your favourites. Browse through the rest of the catalog and jot down your favourite combos as you go.

    I would love to hear your choices and it sounds like such a great and fun idea. Lots of work, but it will be so worth it. You can buy the smaller cans of paint too, and use the extra on picture frames, lamp bases etc.

  6. Sorry, me again ;) I just checked the online Maine Cottage catalog photos and noticed in this issue they are using only two or three colours in their groupings. I think three or more colours would be more fun and sort of what you are going for, like you said, desk and chair in different colours etc.

  7. Since the walls will be white, how about blues ,(aquas and marine blues) with a bit of dull light green? All oceany, cool colors. then you could live with it, and if you need a dash more color add some small yellow highlights, that soft, buttery yellow would work well and add a bit of warmth.
    I love your choices above

  8. OK here's my two pennies worth.... I would stick with a natural pallet to reflect the seasons and where you live, a 'New England' pallet of faded pastels (washed out blues, pistachio greens, blossom pinks etc) would work well. There is a massive trend in the UK to use a colour called French Grey, which is essentially a grey with a subtle lavender tint to it, very chic but still natural. I think you should do the two pieces in two different colours from the same pallet, but one colour all over, don't mix.... that's it.

  9. oh i see my best friend julie here...and julie knows color...i love what she said...

    i have been on a color kick here too

    john has been painting some of my things robin's egg blue...and i LOVE it. we are going to paint the front door the blue this summer...

    i also love the red and yellow your pictures i LOVE that soft green desk and blue chair...

    i know...anything but beige ....

    let's see now...which cocktail? they all look good :-)

    kary and teddy
    mr. theodore edward bear

  10. Ohhhh how exciting!
    Its such a personal thing though don't you think? Must be colours you prefer?
    There are so many options aren't there? Depends what sort of look and ambiance you want too.
    My personal taste would be for something like a pale bluey grey for the larger pieces, with a few accent pieces in maybe a sharp pale citron/chartreuse colour or a bright pink, maybe the nightstand and chair. Then tie it all in with your choice of bedding, curtains and cushions.
    Or stick to a good country green - green and white always look fresh and welcoming - and again have linens to match or for some punch add a touch of a favourite bright colour.
    So many options............
    Have fun!

  11. oooh, what red gate farm said. Awesome!

  12. This is how boring I am .... I would go with a natural palette in two shades of walnut brown and a bit lighter for the chair ... I'd change the knobs and hardware on the desk to have a brown metal and whitish glass pick up on the walls and bedroom furniture and then, I'd play with suspension rods and white, brown, and golden round glass suncatchers from the various tourist gift shops along the shore and play with beautiful white sheers at those windows that would catch the breeze and give you some privacy ... I know. Boring, but what the hey!

  13. What fun! I'd have to have some red and yellow in there.

  14. I am partial to the ocean colors. I love the blues aquas and the gray/green of the water when it is churning such as on the rocks at Portland Light. What ever you decide is going to look great. I hope its done before my next overnight this summer!!!

  15. I am a sucker for colour, but saying that, my bedroom is all pale wood and white. I love all the colours you hvae shown us and that room looks gorgeous.

  16. My personal choice would be soft, buttery yellow and duck egg blue.

  17. I think you live in the best part of the world for shopping and getting "finds." I like the yellow color the best. Concerning the cocktail, I like the yellow one (yellow again). It looks like it might be a rum punch and it's one of my favorites.

  18. When I click on your My Web Site link on your profile it takes me to a junk site. Maybe your link info is wrong.

  19. I know I'm in the archives here but just in case you procrastinate like I do, and you haven't painted yet, I'll weigh in. I adore pale yellow for old furniture. I would use a chalk paint and oil it to give it that shabby look but, whatever paint you use I do love the buttery color. Depending on the size of the room the other furniture would look great in aqua. Those are very calming colors for a guest room and because the furniture is old, yet will be freshly painted, it will be whimsical as well! I have a feeling your guests will be so happy they'll never leave!


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