Thursday, February 10, 2011

Perspective & Blueberry Pie

I'm trying not to think about the 70+ inches of snow we've had this winter, so for those of you who are wondering what 70+ inches of snow looks like, here are a few pictures!   Have a wonderful day!

December 20, 2010
 Notice the gray post on the left as you look down the walkway, my cute little winter arrangement is buried under all that snow!
February 8, 2011
For all you snow weary people out there - THINK SPRING!  Have a wonderful day!  And help yourself to Brownie's blueberry pie!  It's delicious and her recipe is below!

Brownie Schrumpf was a Maine instutution. She was born Mildred Greeley Brown in Readfield Depot, Maine, attended the University of Maine, served as a home economist and 4-H officer, wrote a column for the Bangor Daily News, and actively promoted Maine procucts at the "Big E" (Eastern States Exposition) every year for the Maine Department of Agriculture. Her friends included political leaders at the State and national level, clergymen, academics, her fellow home economists, neighbors, children, academics, and her readers, who felt as if they knew Brownie like a friend from reading her columns. Her life values remained those she learned on the farm: she was loyal, interested, and always willing to help. When she left the farm to live in the University town of Orono for the rest of her life, the farm went with her and she remained true to the values she learned there.

Blueberry Pie
4 or 5 cups of Wild Maine Blueberries (fresh or frozen-I use 5 cups)
¾ cup of sugar
2 tablespoons of flour
1 teaspoon butter (broken up and spread around the pie)
Cover with pie top.

In a prepared pie shell add the uncooked blueberries, sugar, flour and butter pieces.  Cover the top of the pie with a pie crust.  Make slits in the top of the pie to vent.

Bake at 400 for 1 hour.

Blueberry pie puts everything in perspective!  LOL!!  Enjoy!


  1. ooooooooooo, that blueberry pie looks yummified....and with Maine blueberries, it must be the best. Take care and have a great day. Can't figure out where the gray post is, in the snow picture. Susan

  2. Oh! I feel like I have to go to my jpg files of the summer gardens just for a bit of color! Snow, snow go away! At least the sun is getting stronger and the light is staying with us later in the day! We're spinning our way through space toward Springtime!

  3. There is nothing like the aroma of pie coming from the oven when you are buried in snow outside...MMMmmm! OK I guess you can beat that with the Pie sitting in front of you with your dish and fork in hand! I am going to make your DELICIOUS recipe!!! Thank you SO MUCH! Your pictures are So Beautiful! and Hang in there, spring IS COMING!
    Have a wonderful week,
    Hugs, Donna

  4. For a minute, I thought you'd photographed my house!! However, the blueberry pie would not have been waiting inside!! You are the snow winner! We had about 29 inches in the Chicago blizzard of last week but our total is not near yours. I hope I don't eat those words later!


  5. oh my...look at that....and i LOVE the blueberry pie....teddy got his lawn in yesterday and played on it this morning....he LOVES it....

    thanks to you and Duke for the sweet birthday wishes for my little Teddy...

    Valentines weekend is almost here :-)

    stay warm and cozy

    kary and teddy

  6. I know what 70 inches of snow looks like. I also what this pie tastes like. This delicious pie is my favorite.

  7. I can not wait to pick those fresh Maine Blueberries.mmmmm that pie looks yummy
    I see in your links pickity place I love that place such good food. I haven't been there in a few years.

  8. its just sooooo much snow... I'm both jealous and scared at the same time!... be safe and enjoy it if you can!... oh, nice pie too!

  9. I'll have a slice of that pie, thanks :-) But none of that snow :-P (we've had our fair share around Christmas and I hope it won't be back until next Christmas).

  10. looks amazing.. would love a bite before i go to sleep tonight... but oh well, i will dream of it instead... have a wonderful weekend... xx pam

  11. I have never seen that much snow!
    The pie looks yummy!

  12. Hey! That looks like my yard! And about everyone else's around here! LOL! I'm telling you it will be a long time before spring makes an appearance. Hopefully it won't rain in the mean time. That would be horrible!

    I say we all could use a little BB pie with a cup of coffee or tea : ) . . . and a vacation.

  13. Seventy inches is a lot of snow. A good pie such as yours can bring comfort and I'll be praying for spring with you. Mother Nature has had a warped sense of humor this year.

  14. All that snow looks so pretty but is soooo hard to live with!!

    Love the pie :-}

  15. Oh, yes... that's what my area looks like too. Can't WAIT for the Spring! And boy, does that blueberry pie look delicious!!

  16. Mr. Groundhog said early spring, right?! Your blueberry pie recipe looks great!

  17. I doesn't look too terribly different in Wisconsin since the blizzard over a week ago! We're headed for above-freezing temps this week - yay!

    MMmmm, blueberry pie would fix my perspective any day :)

  18. Now that is some serious snow! Unbelievable to me. I’ve never seen anything like it. I love your winter arrangement by the way. I would love to have a piece of that fabulous pie with you too :)
    Stay warm,

  19. Your blueberry pie looks wonderful!
    I love blueberries!


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