Wednesday, January 26, 2011

S. O. S. - Soup Or Snow

A barn near town hall
 Soup or snow, that seems to be the question of the day around here.  This morning we have had another "dusting" of snow, I think it amounted to about 2 inches of the blasted white stuff!  Apparently there's 12 more inches headed our way - yippee!  That's on top of the 50 inches we've already received since December 26th.  

So, after taking Duke to Pampered Paws, his photo is at the end of this post, I drove around town and took some photos of the fresh fallen snow, it is beautiful.  

You'll also find my delicious and unusual recipe for Lentil soup using "ancient grains" at the end of this post.  I came up with the recipe after buying some fresh lentil soup at Trader Joe's.  I read the ingredients, which used ancient grains (that's what the package said), and then set out to recreate this delicious soup.  I think it's very close to what I bought, I hope you enjoy it!!

Band Stand in the town center
This past week we were lucky enough to have two storms and a deep freeze, it was -17 at my home yesterday morning!  So the question in my home, is do you want soup before or after you run the snow blower!

A snow covered pond
Sure some people like the stuff, it's great for business - in the mountains where it belongs! So, at the risk of sounding grumpy, because I'm really not, I'm just sick of the snow and the extreme cold,  here are a few corny "snow jokes" for you to enjoy!  After the jokes, you'll find my recipe for my delicious lentil soup!  Keep warm!

Town Hall
What time is it when little white flakes fall past the classroom window?
Snow and Tell.
What do you call a snowman in the summer? 
A puddle.
What do you get if cross a snowman and a shark ? 
Frost bite !

Duke, fresh from Pampered Paws

Lentil Soup

1 1/2 cups lentils, washed
2  14 oz cans chicken stock
2 14 oz cans beef stock
2 14 oz cans of Hunts fire roasted tomatoes
1/4 cup red onion, chopped
1 large carrot, diced
1/4 cup millet
1/4 cup flax seed
1/4 cup quinoa
2 tablespoons of good balsamic vinegar

Put all the ingredients, except the balsamic vinegar in the the crock-pot on low and let it simmer all day - it's delicious! When the soup is finished add 2 tablespoons of good balsamic vinegar, stir and serve!  Sour dough bread is a nice compliment to this hearty dish!  


  1. Yes, I am getting your weather too (I'm in CT). And although your soup picture looks delicious, would you believe I have never had lentil soup? Yes, I know, I'm like a little kid not wanting to eat broccoli or something!
    Well, stay warm. I will try to do the same, and I will also try not to curse this stupid snow, which I am sick of already!

  2. Thats some serious snow you have! Wow. And the lentil soup - I am going to try it. Looks yummy!!

  3. I wouldn't mind having a well-filled bowl of that soup for lunch today - it is perfect for this kind of weather, isn't it?
    We've had a taste of spring (see my blog, "A Promise") a while ago, but I knew it wasn't going to last... and it has been snowing all afternoon yesterday. Like you, I am sick of it.

  4. Wow. The snow pics are lovely. I think that's the problem with snow, it sells itself so well with it's prettiness! Soup looks wonderfully hearty and warming which is exactly what you need. We have glum old rain here in the UK which is dull... and wet... bring on Spring!!

  5. Same weather here - ugh!... and your soup looks delicious. Might give it a go... BEFORE the snow flies again tonight. *sigh*

  6. Sounds wonderful. For some reason I was following you anonymously. I think I changed it. I don't see you in my followers but you said you were following. I had trouble following blogs the other day. Hopefully I have cleared this up.

    Hope the snow stops soon. I remember looking forward to the first real storm but then...

    Take heart - spring is coming.


  7. Great snow pictures. Newly fallen snow is so beautiful. We adore lentil soup and should serve it more often. It's always a winner.

    You and Duke stay warm.

  8. Very nice lentil soup recipe. Your snow pictures are beautiful and Duke...well, doesn't he look and smell great!!!

  9. My taste buts like lentil soup a lot, not so my stomach. I just made some recently and it was so good. I like you addition of the quinoa. Great idea.
    We also woke up to a dusting of snow. Your pictures are beautiful.

  10. That soup looks perfect to thaw out snowblower operators!

  11. I'll opt for the soup instead of the snow, thank you! I just checked the weather for New Bedford, Mass (where my son and his wife live) and see snow for them as well. Have I mentioned that my sweet DIL did her undergrad in Maine? Bates. She loved it but did mention there was a good bit of snow!! We had a dusting this morning. Hope that's all since it's our Shakespeare evening at Navy Pier. I'll make a stop at Whole Foods to pick up two of the "ancient grains" that are not in our pantry because your soup looks like a delicious addition to my recipe collection.


  12. I think I'd have some before and then some afterwards too!!!

    Duke looking smart after his visit to the beautician!!

  13. Oh, what a wonderful soup! I bet those fire-roasted tomatoes add great body and smokiness to the flavor!

    Stay warm during this next snow ... Spring IS on the way!

  14. We got 3 inches of snow so far today and a lot more is expected as it is supposed to snow right through the night. It is certainly going to be a winter for the record books! I liked seeing the photos of your pretty area and your handsome buddy, Duke.

    I love lentil soup! This is a nice healthy recipe with all the addition of the three "ancient grains." I'll have to try this next time. Thanks!

  15. I love your about town winter photos. Especially he red barn, gorgeous. The lentil soup is just what I need right about now with all that cold wet snow heading are way.

  16. I enjoyed your jokes and very pretty pictures.
    and soup who could go wrong.

  17. Well, it was only 8 below where I live I guess I should consider myself lucky!

    How adventurous of you to recreate a Trader Joe's soup! Sounds delish.

    The fresh fallen snow is beautiful but I have to say it's getting a little old. Let's hope the storm goes out to sea.

  18. Perfect rustic soup to be enjoying in winter, loving the recipes you share as much as the pretty photos.

  19. Thanks for the snow jokes! Great soup recipe. Hope your snow has ended for the season.

  20. You are really getting nailed on the east coast this year! I know you're sick of it but those are some beautiful photos.

    I liked the snowman and shark joke :) I love lentil soup but never made it with quinoa - so healthy! I must try this one.

  21. Man those bldgs are pretty!
    I didn't take any pics when I should have yesterday :( we had 5 inches which is pretty unusual.

  22. Your photos are all beautiful but that of the barn would make a wonderful Christmas card. I happen to love lentil soup, but your use of "ancient grains" makes it sound downright romantic. We've had lots of rain, but no snow this winter, so a bit of me is envious. One day of dusting would be wonderful. Stay warm and dry. Blessings...Mary

  23. Hi lovely lady.
    I love all your photos of the snow ~~~ My mom make lentil soup for us also this was good on a cold day in N.Y. now I'm in Texas. I would like to thank you so much for all your comments on my Tablescapes so sweet of you. I hope you have a Great Day with your family. xxoo Diane

  24. we are snowed in very nicely here too.....Philly didn't get quite as much but its no fun here!
    I do love those images of your town, how beautiful......and your lentil soup would certainly hit the spot...quinoa and flax are very nice additions

  25. Beautiful pictures! Love the jokes too. I think snow and soup was a great idea.

  26. Love your photos of the snow, butI am really glad that we aren't the ones getting dumped on. It actually made it up to 34 degrees today. Heat Wave! This time of year lends itself to yummy soup, so your recipe is going to be on my list for this week. Adding the balsamic vinegar before serving will make a wonderful finish. :-)

  27. Be careful shoveling snow off the roof. It's so dangerous.

    I heard on the new tonight that we'll get 15-20 inches between Tuesday and Thursday so it's going to be a bad one.

    Stay safe!

  28. When cold happens, soup happens. Wow, look at that snow!!! Look at that great soup too.

    I would opt for having soup before the snow blower :-)


  29. Wow that is a lot of snow for one season! I hope you don't get as much as they are predicting from this latest storm, although they are saying it could be a doozie! I love your photos and the picture of sweet Duke! We are only supposed to get rain from this next storm, fingers crossed that they will be right about that! Stay warm!

    Kat :)

  30. Thats a lot of snow!!Lovely photos! Soup recipe sounds and looks delicious, will give it a go!Here in the UK its the usual winter weather - grey, dull and damp, but after our own modest snowfalls this winter I'll happily stick with it!
    Keep warm!

  31. Beautiful photos! I hope you are missing this latest storm. I am putting the soup on today!! Stay warm! Susan :)

  32. Oh, don't you just love the Old Country Roses patterned china?

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting all the time. I just love having you stop by. Susan

  33. Thank you so much for visiting my blog Mary! Duke looks beautiful, those beautiful dark curly long ears!As you suggested I popped over to Kary's blog, and found another gorgeous dog! I think our pup will be a similar colour to Teddy when fully grown, and we are so excited!!!.Will post pics next week!


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