Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Table for Two ;-)

Since we couldn't make it to Maine this weekend due to the amount of homework for a class I'm taking, I decided to make one of hubby's favorite meals - a boiled dinner! I had a corned beef in the freezer so it was easy. However I didn't have all the veggies as you can see in the the photo above. So hubby went to the market for me on a holiday - he's such a good guy! When he came home I surprised him with a beautiful table setting. I used his mom's wheat dishes, I just love them (I'm a self-professed dishaholic), and for some reason I enjoy using them in the Autumn! This was a special treat because I haven't used them for about three years!

Let's see what we have around the house to make a lovely
centerpiece for the kitchen table. The tray acted like a
mirror and the votive's reflected beautifully, it wasn't
planned - it was a "happy accident." Can you keep a secret?
I purchased all of these items at half-off at various stores
over the past several years - I love a nice bargain!

Here are my mother-in-law's dishes that she got in the
1960's. My husband just told me that they are supermarket
dishes! Every week she would add to her collection, I must
have a service for 10, with all the serving pieces! Love 'em!

Let's add some wine glasses, I love the mix
of the vintage with the new - don't you?

Honey, dinner's ready! Purple cabbage, Yukon gold potato,
turnip, sweet onion, carrot & corned beef - yum!

Let's not forget dessert, baked apple with walnuts, crasins
sugar and spices, topped of with a generous dollop of whipped
cream, followed by a cup of piping hot tea to complete the dinner!

Then it was back to the books!


  1. What a special meal! Those dishes are indeed lovely -- I've never seen that pattern before.

  2. This meal looks BEYOND delish!!! And the fact that you served in on your mother-in-laws dishes was just the perfect touch!!!

    Pretty centerpiece!

    Lou Cinda :)

  3. Everything looks great! Love the centerpiece with the little votives against the mirror. Great job! Susan

  4. What a beautiful tablescape! And the food looks so yummy!!

  5. We had friends from New Hampshire whose favorite meal was ...a boiled dinner. The dishes are perfect.

  6. You just can't beat a boiled dinner. Your table showcased autumn perfectly. You have a flair for entertaining. I like the fact that it didn't matter if company was coming or not, you made it special just for hubby.

  7. so this 'boiled' dinner must be an American thing? (Obviousy we boil stuff in the UK... but a whole dinner? other than making a stew, it doesn't really feature, but I get it and I love the look of it. All boiled in one pot?

    Oh and I love the retro dinner service... LOVE all that kind of stuff!

  8. Great meal and love the dinnerware! My MIL did the same thing with a set of blue and white plates. Wish she had collected a set like yours! ;)

  9. Ditto all of the above 'specially love the look of the beef and love, love, love that dinner service!

  10. Very pretty, and all looks so seasonal too!

  11. The wheat dishes are lovely - I like the simplicity of style as well as design.

  12. Yes! I love to mix old and new :)
    That meal would hit the spot right now. I love turnips!

  13. Beautiful dishes and the meal looked delicious!

  14. This is one of my favorite meals, my mother used to make these same veggies and corned beef when the weather got cooler! No one in my house will touch boiled cabbage except for me, so I almost never make it, but I love it and kale!

    Your dishes are also something that reminded me of my mother, she had a very similar pattern! Sorry you didn't make it to Maine, but glad you had such a lovely evening!

    Kat :)


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