Friday, June 14, 2013

Seaside Garden

Over the years I've always wanted a garden at our coastal cottage.  It took a while, and it's finally happened.  We started with new cedar fencing, turning the soil, edging with granite - oh man was that stuff heavy!!!  Then trying to decide what to plant!

A beautiful peony, behind that is a white Rose of Sharon, and flanking that are two Little Lamb Hydrangea's.  I have lovely blooms from June through October.

The white fence you see below is my brother's property.  We have EXTREMELY different taste!  I'll leave it at that!  LOL!!!!  The important thing is, we love each other and we have fun!!!

We added a portable fire pit, some little decorations such as the bird-house planter & the cute bird-house light-house feeder.

Then we added  a side garden, and that seems to be purples & blues.  I'm thinking of moving all of it and keeping the theme white . . . what do you think?

Peony bud

Duke, taking time to smell the herbs!
I love playing in this back yard garden and the small one in the front. I need to do some major weeding tomorrow!!  Thankfully our lot is tiny, all the lots in our neighborhood are 40x100, I don't think I'd trade it for anything!  It's peaceful, relaxing, we have great neighbors and I can hear the ocean at night!

I hope you enjoyed my little seaside garden tour.

One Year Ago

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  1. It's beautiful, Mary, and from your description it sounds exactly the right size!
    An all-over white theme is certainly nice, but a bit of variety won't harm, either.

  2. i started out having an all white garden. the front gardens are still almost all white. as i moved forward i got into color. white gardens are beautiful and very elegant. rose of sharon's are a great coastal bush to plant. everything looks lovely!

  3. I love your summer cottage. The white garden looks great. I say go for the color in front and keep the white theme in back. Oh, I love how the fence weathered, very New England!

  4. As you know, I'm all about easy! So I'd leave it alone and just add to it. Oh and I'm in your camp for fencing, too, especially along the coast where gray and weatherbeaten is expected and looks so fine. It really does! (Course that white fence that Tom Sawyer's got going over there looks nice, too.)

  5. It looks wonderful!
    enjoy the good weather

  6. Beautiful whites garden; but I love the purples too. How great that you and your brother of cottages close together, that must make for some fun family summer gatherings!

  7. This all looks and sounds so delightful. !

  8. Oh my those pickles look good--as does your garden. I would think it's so lovely to fall asleep with the sound of the ocean nearby!

  9. That all looks so lovely. I'd love an all white garden, but I love other colours too much too!
    Kathy x

  10. Love your yard-so beachy and perfect! I'm going to look at your pickle post now-may just have to make some. Love seeing Duke.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. It's lovely to see these photos of your pretty seaside garden Mary!
    The white peony is beautiful.
    I love white flowers as they always look so elegant and pure, and look especially good at night when the light is fading as they stand out. But blues and purples are amazing too - I have just put some new plants in a small border today, and it is mainly a blues and purples border with a touch of pale primrose yellow and shocking pink! For me the blues and purples always do it, but I think you have to follow your own heart and plant what you personally love and it will always look good to you.
    Lovely photo of Duke - it's interesting to see him enjoying the plants, Logan is always sniffing at them too!Budding gardeners!
    Your garden looks and sounds a relaxing and enjoyable place to be, which is what its all about! Enjoy!
    Gill xx

  12. Oh it is so pretty and I can't think of anything better than hearing the ocean at night. I have cucumber up now and I will be using your recipe you posted from last year. I used it last year and the pickles were out of this world.
    Tonight I am making your pepper recipe to go with our hamburgers. I know it will be yummy.

  13. Aren't the peonies lovely this year ?! Our bushes are loaded! Lucky girl to be able to hear the ocean when your windows are opened! Bliss!

  14. So beautiful. I want to wrap myself in a blanket and come and sit with you in your garden, maybe with a glass or two of ice cold white wine and relax away the hours. It's so rewarding creating your own garden and we've found that if you let nature take its course it will mature very quickly too. Love little Duke enjoying it too!

  15. Sounds so lovely, I would so love a cottage near the sea, I love the coast and your garden looks beautiful :) xx

  16. those dills look amazing; no canning for me this year but will keep it in mind for next. thank you.

  17. Well, I love purple and blues, you can send them all to me! Otherwise, just add your whites bit by bit. Whites,purple and blues are stunning together. How soothing it must be to listen to the sea of an evening.

  18. It is so nice to meet you! You have a lovely site and I am looking forward to being your newest follower and getting to know you.
    I noticed you live in Maine and I have to tell you that I was born and raised here in Texas but all my life I wanted to see Maine. I felt drawn to it and last September my dream came true and I visited your gorgeous state for a week.
    It was just as beautiful as I always dreamed it would be and I am already praying that I can go back again one day.
    Your garden is lovely and I enjoyed my visit by here very much.

  19. It takes so long for a garden to properly mature. I'm very much looking forward to our own garden blooming. I love your beautiful peony.

  20. what a beautiful garden and Duke is a beauty too! Thankyou for visiting me , I just love the name of your blog!!!!! I will enjoy following along on your adventures

  21. I know what you mean about the weeds. The PNW is so rainy and the temperature at this time of year is 60's .. so the plants go crazy! Your all white garden sounds lovely. I also like the purple and blues so either way it will be pretty!


  22. Your garden looks lovely!I love peonies! I am not a fan of Rose of Sharon, however, as we had a couple bushes in our NYC garden and they tried to multiply by the hundreds as every fallen flower had a seed. We spent every spring pulling them out before they could grow.

    I'd love to be able to hear the ocean from my yard! It is very quiet here--very unlike NYC. I love the scenery here, however, and I can see so many stars at night.

  23. Beautiful garden and Duke is cute too!

  24. I think an all white garden is beautiful. Have you heard of a moon garden?
    I read about them in Victoria Magazine, many moons ago. No pun intended.
    They looked beautiful in the moonlight.

    Peonies and roses are lovely. Nice choices.

  25. Your gardens look gorgeous!~ I absolutely love your flowers. Mine are pathetic right now. Too much rain is killing them. The grass is green though:) Happy 4th to you Mary!~

  26. What a lovely blog you have here:) Do you have bloglovin to follow with??

    Check out my blog...If you want some cute Swedish decor inspiration:)

    Have a grea weekend dear

    LOVE Maria at


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