Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Nephew's Art

My youngest nephew graduated from high school last week and is headed to a very prestigious art school in NYC.  We're very proud of him!  Below is some of his art work that is currently hanging in his parents home!

This piece is very special, he was painting it for my mom, his nana for her 
Christmas gift, unfortunately mom passed away in September and she didn't 
see the finished painting.  The painting is very large and very beautiful.

This painting has been dubbed the "Harry Potter House" 
 I don't think the artist likes the nickname too much!  

When his parents painted the family room, his mom wanted a floral painting, the artist didn't want to paint flowers, it was a battle, but in the end mom won, (don't they always win, LOL) she and everyone else loves it! As recently as the graduation party he was trying to replace it! It's really stunning in person. It's a large piece, just so you know how large, I believe that couch is 6 feet long!

This piece has an industrial feeling as well as a lot of movement, 
it's not my favorite, but his parents love it.  

I think you can see how talented my nephew is by his different paintings. This is just a
small sample, and I hope you enjoy his artwork as much as we do!

My nephew received two art honor awards, high honors, and a state honor, he's not only
talented, he is intelligent, kind, handsome and an all around good kid!


  1. beautiful paintings! my cousin also an artist started out doing skate boards and taging..such talent. congrats to your nephew!enjoy your day!

  2. Anyone who is so talented in some form of art - whether it is painting, sculpting, music, singing, dancing... - has my admiration. How great to have such talent in the family! The floral painting is beautiful and I'd put it on my wall any time, but from the other paintings you are showing us here, I can see why it is the one he least likes himself.

  3. What talent M has. I can't believe you don't have any of his work. You should ask him to do a nice bowl of fruit for your kitchen in the country. The paintings are gorgeous.

  4. Such a talented young man. It will be interesting to see what career path he chooses. Congratulations to him on his honors.

  5. wow, impressive... It's always difficult with family artists... you really want them to be good so when they are, like your nephew, it makes it so much easier to be honest! I love the industrial one too!

  6. Wow Mary, he is very talented! They are amazing paintings, and I love the one he painted for his Grandmother - I bet she was so proud of him, as are you all. Made me chuckle to think of him reluctantly painting a floral painting just to please his Mum when his natural style is more serious and dark.
    Thanks for sharing these, I wish him luck for the future, with such talent and achieving such high honors he is sure to do well.
    Gill xx

  7. Bravo! What a talent your young nephew has! I wish him all the best in his endeavors.


  8. Very beautiful paintings, Mary....such talent!!! I'm sure he will thrive.

  9. Yes, very talented! Best of luck to him in his art career!

  10. Impressive!
    How wonderful it is that he has this talent, and shares it with those he loves!!!

    I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors, and much happiness doing what he loves to do :)

    Smiles :)

  11. Great paintings!!!
    Happy Sunday

  12. Mary, he is amazing. I can't believe the hands in the portarit; Its the house I am drawn to. I tried to move the laptop around to get a better look. Really moody and so well done, different to.
    Best of luck to him!

  13. Wow-I echo everybody else-what fantastic talent! I particularly love the first picture and that of the house-I would be so pleased and proud to have a picture of his on my wall!!

  14. amazing talent he truly will be famous one day.

  15. I'm REALLY impressed! I actually like what seems like a post-apocalyptic scene. I think it's the most interesting and makes me question what's going on. It looks beautifully executed. I'm happy that he's pursuing his art. He's very talented and I'm sure will have a bright future.

  16. Truly a talented young person! Congrats to him!

  17. How wonderful that he is allowed to follow his dream! He is very talented!

  18. Beautiful work...your nephew is very talented!

  19. Oh Mary I can see why he is pursuing his passion. What a talent!~ Thanks for sharing. Hope to see you next week for the pinning party. You have some very inspiring things on your blog. Pick a fav:)

  20. Great paintings. From Chronicles from a Country Girl!


  21. What a talented young man, I do believe he has a wonderful career ahead of him! The first painting is just amazing. Congratulations to him, I wish him well.

  22. That industrial piece is SO creative!!! My sons would like to see that and meet him!
    I like all the pieces but probably that one best.


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