Friday, June 29, 2012

Greek Mussels

This evening I made the most amazing Greek mussels!  We went to the fish market in Portland, ME and picked up 3 lbs. of Nova Scotia mussels.  We had 1 guest for dinner, our neighbor Mike.  Mike needed a bit of cheering up, his precious Border Collie Declan went missing!

My little tablescape has a lot going on here.  The table cloth is vintage 1950's and belonged to my late mother-in-law, I just love it.  Seriously, I didn't notice the wrinkles until after I took the photo!

The dishes, what you can see of them, my husband purchased when we were dating (you wonder why me, a dish-a-holic married him).  They are made by Buffalo China restaurant wear, and the pattern is Blue Willow, a favorite of ours.  

The napkin holder is a gift from an old friend, it looks like a slice of watermelon.  The beach roses (I have a love/hate relationship with them) are from my front yard, the container is from a second hand store, and the crystal glasses are from the Christmas Tree shop!  

Here's a close-up of dinner

Beach roses in milk glass hob-nail vase

The Recipe
1lb of mussels per person
1/3 cup chopped sweet onion
1 tablespoon of garlic (I know, I like my garlic)
3 chopped tomatoes (1 per person)
1 tablespoon of chopped chives
1 tablespoon of chopped Greek oregano
1/3 cup of Greek feta per person

soak and rinse the mussels (several times)

saute sweet onion & garlic
add 1/3 cup of white wine
add the mussels
add the chopped tomatoes
add the chopped chives
add the chopped parsley
add the chopped Greek oregano

Cook on the stove top covered about 10 - 13 minutes until mussels are opened.  Do not eat mussels that have not opened

Serve over spaghetti
Sprinkle with Greek feta

Eat, enjoy & smile!

However, the best news ~ immediately after we finished dinner, Mike received a phone call from someone who found Declan!  Mike and my husband left and picked up the pooch!  He seems to be OK, we think he may have been hit by a car, he's limping and has a gash on his paw.  He's going to the vet in the morning!


  1. I love mussels and will have to copy/paste/print this recipe. Are the amounts of ingredients listed what you used for the 3 lbs of mussels?
    Good news on finding the dog. I hope he'll be ok. Keep us posted.

    1. Hi Rita, yes for three. I would cut back on the tomatoes if you are doing if for two, otherwise the onion, garlic, and wine will be fine ~ in my humble opinion!

  2. Yay! The dog was found! (I am a dog lover.) Great tablescape and the recipe sounds great.

  3. Your table looks great. Loved it! Don't care for mussels, though. boo hoo (One of the few foods I don't care for) So glad doggie was found. You did a great job! Have a nice weekend. Heat wave here in Massachusetts. How about up in Maine? Oh! Loved your video of the past posts and your header, too. Susan

  4. Not keen on mussels myself, but I love how you lay the table, such cheeful summery colours!

  5. What a lovely table and just perfect for the big bowl of yummy mussels. So glad you got your doggie back. Hope all is well when he goes to the vet.

    Happy 4th of July.

  6. The mussels look delicious and the table looks summery. I love the Greek twist you had with them. I usually have my mussels the good old Italian way. Loads of garlic, wine and chopped tomatoes with parsley.

  7. So many things to comment on .... ! First, so glad that Mike and Declan are reunited! Phew! I know that heart wrenching feeling when a dog goes walk-about! SEcond, that table is so summery ... love the beach rose theme and the blue and white are just so Ocean Breezes ... and finally fresh mussels! Yum! That is a killer recipe!

  8. Oh you lucky people that live near water!
    How nice it would be to get fresh seafood :)

    Looks like a delicious recipe.
    Certainly is a pretty tablescape...and those dishes? ~~LOVE!

    So happy that the dog was found and I hope he has a speedy recovery.
    These four legged critters certainly have a way of wending themselves around our hearts :)

  9. Oh I love it all. I didn't even notice the wrinkles until you mentioned it. So glad everything worked out; I hope the pup is doing well.

  10. I simply love mussels. But have never cooked them at home. This recipe is wonderful and has inspired me to go out and buy some. Thanks for sharing and letting us in on your beautiful table too!!

  11. So happy to hear owner and dog were reunited. The table looks just lovely, wrinkles and all. Your presentation makes me wish I liked mussels, sorry. Hope you are enjoying these warm summer days, my toes visited the lake today! Hugs, Julie.

  12. Glad Mike found his dog. I hate to hear when an animal is missing. I am always on the lookout for lost animals.

    Love your tablescape especially that vintage tablecloth and beach roses. I love the smell of beach roses!

  13. I don't eat mussels, but I know hubby would love these. Love your photos.

  14. Checking out your site for the first time, and I see MUSSELLS. They are a particular favorite of mine. I am very relieved that Declan was found and hope he/she will be like new very soon.

  15. im so glad your neighbors dog was found... i have been thru that and not fun! hopefully once hes home he will feel better too. your meal sounds great! i have never had mussells before and dont know if i can even find them up here. but now that i know i have a great recipe i am going to look for them!~ yum! enjoy your evening and thanx for the recipe, oh and im a dishaholic too... lovely table setting.

  16. I had mussels for the first time in NYC a few years ago and I still remember fondly how delicious it was. Haven't tried to make them myself but someday I will.

    Glad Declan was found safe. There is nothing more scary for a pet owner.

  17. I love mussels! Sadly, the last time I ordered them at a restaurant they were gritty so I was glad to see your rinsing instructions. The herbs and cheese sound like a delicious addition!


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