Saturday, August 7, 2010

Muffins, why yes, they are blueberry!

Did you know that Native Americans were the first to use the tiny blue berries, both fresh and dried, for their flavor, their nutrition and their healing qualities and it was not until the 1840’s that wild blueberries were first harvested commercially.

This morning I baked 4 dozen blueberry muffins! Oh, the aroma

in the cottage was to die for! Even my husband who was making repairs to the front porch said it made working out there so pleasant! Hmm, I guess if I want more home improvements done I'll have to keep baking!!!

LOL, wouldn't that be funny. Let's see, the cottage does need a new kitchen!!! If you'd like to make these delicious muffins see the post below, they whip up in minutes!

I know I mentioned that I baked 4 dozen muffins, and what are two people going to do with 4 dozen muffins? Well, I did share, I gave four to my neighbor Anne, my brother Patrick, and 24 went to my niece Caitlin for her cookout today! I kept 16 for the two of us, and most of those will go in the freezer, these muffins freeze beautifully! Oh, yes, Ron, Patrick and I did have some with our coffee!

I'm very thankful to my coastal neighbor who schleps 40 pounds of blueberries from Hancock County Maine to my door step every year. When the berries arrive I put them in freezer bags and stuff my freezer for the season! Then in November I begin baking pies for Thanksgiving and assorted gatherings with family and friends.

Finally, did you know that blueberries are ranked #1 in antioxidant activity compared with other fruits and veggies! What does that mean for us? Well, a single serving of blueberries may have more of the antioxidant power you need to fight aging, and who doesn't want to look their best? Cancer, and heart disease, who doesn't want to be healthy? So, the next time you think about blueberries, you should know that blueberries are a "Super Food" - why do I picture a blueberry with a cape and a big "B" on it's chest!!!

Have a safe and happy day!


  1. hello...and thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit farmhouse...i LOVE your blog...Maine and 2 favorite things...

    where do you live? what town? i visited Maine and New England a few years ago...i am a New England girl at all of it...your blueberry pie looks so good...perfect, really..and your PIE DAY...i should start that as a traditon with my 4 year old neice...thanks for the idea...

    i am Happy to follow..and WELCOME to blogland...

    kary and teddy

  2. I can honestly say that the blueberries muffins and pie were the best I ever had. Thanks again Mary and Ron for such a good time. I might become "The Thing That Never Leaves"

  3. Oh blueberry muffins! They remind me of Maine! Love love love them (and blueberry pancakes!YUM!). Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a lovely note.


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